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Innovation of the FUDOW

For the harmony of people and ecology.


Fujinomiya Plant

ISO-14001:2015 E1244 Fujinomiya Plant
ISO-9001:2015 Q2954 Fujinomiya Plant

Areas Covered
  • Manufacture of thermosetting resin molding materials
  • Resin injection molding
  • Resin processing/assembly
  • Design aid/support
  • Quality management

Fujinomiya Plant Environment Policy
Fujinomiya Plant Quality Policy

Hiratsuka Plant

ISO-14001:2015 E1246 Hiratsuka Plant
ISO-9001:2015 Q2956 Hiratsuka Plant

Areas Covered
  • Resin injection molding
  • Manufacture/processing/assembly of molded products
  • Design aid/support
  • Quality management

Hiratsuka Plant Environment Policy
Hiratsuka Plant Quality Policy

Gamagori Plant

ISO-9001:2015 Q3877 Gamagori Plant

Areas Covered
  • Manufacture of thermoplastic resin molding materials

Gamagori Plant Quality Policy

Kani Plant -Fudow Techno Corporation

ISO-9001:2015 Q2955 Kani Plant

Areas Covered
  • Manufacture of thermosetting resins
  • Manufacture and processing of carbon-fiber reinforced resin molding products

Kani Plant Quality Policy

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